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A triple hello & double hugs to all our family and friends of Med-Gro Nation. It has been some time since I could sit and write. As you all know Oregon did not pass the Dispensary Law. A big BUMMER. I don't believe the people of OR. want patients to have to buy illegal medicine when they can't grow it themselves. We tried to contact the "Powers that Be", in charge of voter counting to no avail. GO FIGURE!

A lot has happened since we talked last. AZ has become the 15th state to legalize dispensaries. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Xtra stash goes out to all you voters & organizers of Prop 203. Now, lets hope the final written laws concerning Med-Cannabis are not as regulating and don't confuse the masses. The first few drafts were super stinky, like fish emulsion on a hot August day in the garden. Ya know what I mean??? (Hey AZ. keep it simple & it will work nicely.)

Anyways, I spent some time down in Az talking to lawyers, doctors, investors, property owners & business people. All of these fine soles want to be a part of this new industry. But the original draft is so completely out in left field. No one can make sense of it. We are hoping on March 28th the laws are clear and simple.

I also spent a considerable amount of time in the wonderful city of San Francisco, Oakland & Seattle.







If other cities would use the above cities as the model for dispensaries a GIANT step in God's direction. The dispensaries are a part of everyday commerce and life. The taxes will benefit many aspects of the city's needs for money. Let me say it now, if you think the laws have slacked off for cannabis possession and use. THINK AGAIN. Last year there were more cannabis bust, trials and incarceration than ever in history, since prohibition in 1937.

We have a rogue Prez and his hired guns running crazy over the cannabis patients & recreational users. The AMA even asked the Prez to reschedule cannabis to a schedule 2 drug. Meaning cannabis has medicinal use. Duhhhh! I'm sorry If I seem a bit cynical. I'm Not Sorry, ha ha.

Lets hope someday we will be free people to use cannabis in any way suitable for us. Lets keep faith.

I have seen more and more evidence of cannabis curing and relieving many symptoms and diseases.

A special love vibe goes out to all our brothers and sisters in the areas devastated by the natural phenomenon across the world. Our heart felt prayers go to all of you. I know many of your lost everything, including loved ones. Peace to you all, somehow. As always we want to give love & peace to the families that are prisoner of this war against cannabis. We love and respect your fight. Stay strong, stand together and in the end good things will come. We hope and pray, sooner then later. Our prayers also go out to the bros and sisters suffering with disease, physically/mentally. Peace to you all!

Keep the letter, email etc.. going to the White House and all other powers who want to control and incarcerate us for healing ourselves with cannabis.

Hope we get a dispensary open in AZ. It will be a step in the right direction.

Please, please remember we all are good people. All of you we have been made outlaws because of the draconian laws made by lies and deceit.

Stay healthy & positive. Stay HIGH and keep low. Be careful until we are totally free of persecution. It is still very dangerous out there.

Love, peace & prosperity to you all!

Uncle Del.



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